About Meilingua

Our Mission & Vision

At Meilingua, we believe learning a language should be fun and effortless! The vision at Meilingua is that every student can communicate in a foreign language from the first day and learning does not have to be in a classroom environment. While every student has a different style of learning, they all have one aspect in common: once they find something to connect with, learning just happens. If you love to travel, go to the movies, go out to eat, or just spend time with your family, at Meilingua our lessons center around daily life routines so everyone can enjoy talking about their interests in another language.

Why Meilingua? My name is Hsiao Biehl and I hold a Ph.D. in Spanish linguistics. My doctoral research centered on Spanish language acquisition by Chinese children and adults living in Ecuador. My interest was the process in which children and adults learn a second language and if they can attain native like fluency; hence, becoming true bilingual speakers. It is with the combination of my scholarly background and my experience teaching thousands of students over the past 12 years at some of Philadelphia's most prestigious universities that I bring you the best language services.

Why teach languages? I was born in Taiwan and raised in Ecuador. At home, I grew up speaking Mandarin, Taiwanese, Spanish, and English. My family traveled a lot when I was young and I learned at an early age to communicate in different languages and to connect with people from other cultures. I love eating arroz con pollo with wontons and listening to music by Andy Lau, Jackie Cheung, Juanes, Cold Play, among others. It is with this love for languages and deep cultural understanding that I create all my lessons.   

What makes Meilingua different from other language services? Meilingua was established with my family in mind. My children live in a multilingual, multicultural environment, and they are learning the world around them no longer has the one-language one-culture mindset. It is with this understanding that I bring you all my lessons. At Meilingua, you will have fun, make friends, and enjoy delicious Latin foods.

Although, as a university professor, I have ample experience teaching adults, I am also passionate about teaching children. So, whether you are a child or an adult, you can take lessons with us in a stress free environment.

Meilingua, LLC serves the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas. Students of all ages can take classes. However, classes and sections are limited, so please contact us if you are interested in specific lessons.