We aim to please!

Meilingua, LLC is a company that provides a variety of language services. Each of our services is delivered with the upmost professionalism; every lesson is prepared with students in mind; and every translation is completed in a timely manner and of the highest quality.


If you learn best one-on-one and want all the time dedicated to you, contact us today and let's get started.


Are you a social butterfly? If you like to interact with others when learning, you will love our group lessons!


Need a few pointers before an exam? Need to review some phrases before a trip abroad? Let us know how we can help!


For when you need something translated by a professional! Contact us today for a free quote.

Why Choose Us?

  • When it comes to creating lessons, we think outside the box.
  • We believe the best learning environment "is"the one we encounter every day. This is why we collaborate with restaurants and child development centers to bring you a unique language learning experience.
  • We believe everyone and anyone can learn a foreign language.
  • Our lesson plans are not based on simple vocabulary and verb drills. In order to learn a foreign language successfully, interactions with others is key.
  • Our company name is a mixture of Chinese and Italian and translates to "beautiful language". We truly believe language is beautiful and our commitment to teaching language shows in every class.

What They Are Saying...

Lessons take place in a restaurant so I instantly felt more relaxed and made learning Spanish easy.
Mike K
This is the first time I am taking a parent- child class where I get to learn something too! Excited!
Helene B
It is pretty wild hearing my daughter speaking Spanish around the house and I enjoy practicing speaking Spanish with her.
I love the brunch series idea of a short intense sessions followed by an authentic Mexican meal. It's like I am getting my treat after learning my lessons...
Laurie S